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Bissell carpet cleaner troubleshooting

Bissell carpet cleaner troubleshooting

The Bissell cleaner deep cleans carpets and upholstery. Also washes hard floors. The tank of the “formula” machine is full of detergent. One-half of the “two-in-one” tank, known as the “bladder,” is filled with warm water. 

The machine sprays a solution of water and detergent on the surface to be cleaned. Brushes agitate the cleaning solution, which is then sucked into the vacuum “recovery” section of the two-in-one tank, along with any loose dirt. If your Bissel cleaner fails to dispense cleaning solution or vacuum up, there are a number of steps you can take to remedy the problem.


•Ensure the two-in-one tank, which is contained within the head cleaning plant, is in position. Lift the tank out of its housing, using its carrying handle. Place it in its housing, making sure that it is firmly seated.

•Verify that the hot water bladder, which is part of the two-in-one tank, contains hot water. Also make sure the formula tank, located at the bottom of the back of the machine, contains the correct Bissell detergent for the surface you are cleaning. The system will not work if any of these tanks are empty.

•Turn on your Bissell cleaner, wait a minute and turn it on. Press the trigger that releases the cleaning solution. This will resolve the fault if it is caused by the machine pump losing its prime.

•Check the “tool ready dial,” located on top of the two-in-one tank, if the machine fails to vacuum up the solution you have dispensed. The dial should be set to either “floor cleaning” for carpet and hard floors or “tools” when cleaning upholstery on the floor. If it’s wrong, not the void function.

•Empty the two-in-one water tank. Once the maximum amount of cleaning solution and dirt is vacuumed up, the tank’s red float door closes. This means that the void function will not work until it is emptied. When you empty the tank, remember to fill the bladder with hot water.

•Ensure the top half of the two-in-one tank, which you have to remove to fill it with water, is properly connected to the bottom of the tank. Check to make sure the rim of the upper tank is firmly in the groove that holds it to the lower tank.

•Switch the Bissell cleaner off if the vacuum fails after bumping into a piece of furniture, or if you have been moving the machine back and forth quickly. This type of jolt can cause the red float door to move to the closed position. Turning off the machine allows you to return to the open position.

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