Can you put a fridge on the carpet?

No matter the size of the fridge, it is not advisable to install a carpet or rug under it. Refrigerators leak and the water damages the fabric of the carpet because it is wet all the time. Other than that, you can spill vinegar, mustard, or food on it accidentally, prompting the rug to get bad odors.

Placing a mat or carpet under a fridge is also dangerous to the very fridge. As you may know, rugs and carpets trap heat and are designed to keep rooms warm in winter and fall. Despite this great feature, it is not beneficial with refrigerators, as the fridge can overheat. The mat does not allow the air to circulate properly under the fridge, leading to eventual and consequential overheating. The compressor cannot cool properly if there’s a mat blocking the airflow. 

Because of this, the food is also at risk. Some fridges can even give in due to air obstructions. Rugs impact the cooling system, making it tough for the appliance to maintain a cool temperature inside and outside of it. Owing to bad temperature regulation, the food goes bad quicker than expected. 

Can you put a fridge on the carpet

A carpet not only looks ugly in the kitchen but also puts the fridge at risk. You can, however, cover the floor of your kitchen with a carpet sparingly and far from this appliance. It is a safety measure. 

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