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How to fix holes in the carpet without extra carpet?

Seeing a hole in your rug doesn’t mean you automatically have to throw it out and buy a new one. 

Just learn how to fix holes in your carpet and you won’t have to rush to your nearest store to buy a new one and spend a few hundred dollars. Learning how to do this involves a simple procedure that requires a few steps and a little ingenuity, nothing you can’t handle on your own. Follow these easy steps and get back to having a rug that looks like new, is stylish, and makes you proud.

Start fixing up your rug by cutting out the part with the hole. Make sure the cut you make is even so it will be easier to mend later. Learning how to fix holes in your rug will take some creativity, so you’ll have to take your chances. After all, the rug already has a hole in it so there’s nothing stopping you from fixing it.

After cutting the piece, use it to trace the pattern you’ll need to patch onto the old carpet. You have the option of using a rug of the same design or one with a different pattern to catch the eye. Picture some old pants with patches on them and you’ll get an idea of ​​the effect.

Be sure to use an adhesive that is made for the carpet. Using weak glue will cause the patch to come off quickly. There are several different adhesives available at your hardware store that work for carpets. 

Ask the store clerk to help you with your search. Once you have the glue, neatly apply it to the carpet and to the back of the patch. Also, put some glue on the edges of the rug where the hole is. Be sure to fit the patch snugly to the carpet as you apply the adhesive so you know exactly what the patch will look like. This is even more important if you want to attach an irregularly shaped piece as a patch.

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