Spilled water on the carpet now it smells

Water damage or spills are two of the most common problems that affect carpets and rugs. Not only are water leaks or spills the main cause of carpet damage, but rain, flooding, or heavy rainfall can worsen the appearance of any carpet. Winter is probably the season that causes most water spills on carpets. 

Whatever the case, damage caused by spilled water has simple solutions. It is important to add that not cleaning water spills from carpets can lead the carpet to be smelly. There are methods to combat bad scents. 

To sidestep water spills and bad odors caused by water and humidity, open the windows and doors, especially when it’s raining or hailing. Contrary to popular belief, this will alleviate the scent and dry the carpet faster. 

For better results, try using a modifier. These devices streamline the drying process in carpets and rugs, regardless of the nature of the liquid spilled on them. 


If you are short of money or simply don’t want to spend on electronic devices, mix water with baking soda and put the mixture in a bottle, and spritz the area with it. This idea could help get rid of bad smells caused by water and excessive humidity in the home. What causes the scent is the proliferation of bacteria that thrive in wetness.