Glasgow city council cleaning services 

Glasgow City Council cleaning services provide tailored services to satisfy customers’ needs and requirements. We work according to your wants and needs. Are you looking for a cleaning service company in Glasgow? We definitely are the business you are seeking.

Our staff has expertise in all kinds of cleaning jobs. We train them and provide our staff with tools and machinery to perform the cleaning tasks that our customers ask for. Not only is it about training, but it is also about quality. We do not take into consideration the size of the job or the effort that it may imply. We just pull up our sleeves and work!

Thanks to this expertise level and the equipment we have, we can work in a wide variety of environments. This means our services are available for companies and homes. We offer our cleaning services to companies that require cleaning services but also to homeowners. 

We also customize the cleaning tasks so that the cost of the service does not surpass the requirements and stay fair according to the tasks we are doing. You can read many reviews from customers recommending our top-quality services. 

Office Cleaning

As said above, not only do we clean houses and companies, we also offer office cleaning. We clean and disinfect the floors, walls, and items in offices of all sizes. 

Commercial Cleaning

We also serve commercial premises. Do you have a factor or a chain of workshops? Let us know your requirements and we will create a plan to clean all the offices and departments that require cleansing, no matter the size. 

End of Tenancy

Our services are also targeted at people who have their own businesses and homes or those who are renting a property. We will clean the place as well as if it was yours!

Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping can be time-wasting for people who are short of time, but we can help with that. 

Specialist Cleaning

We clean floors, walls, and carpets. Junk removal is included in our services. 

Handyman Services

If you have a garden, we can take care of your garden through our cutting and trimming services. We likewise offer painting and wallpapering. 

Glasgow city council cleansing contact number

Although you can contact us via email, we also have a contact number for queries. You can contact us via whatsap or call at XXXXXXXX. We will be always glad to help. 

Glasgow city council cleansing department

Glasgow city council cleansing department is always ready to help you disinfect your walls and floors and get rid of the disturbing rubbish that gets your home dirty. After cleansing, we remove the junk. Our services are intended for homeowners and tenants and the size of the place does not limit us. 

There are many reasons why an individual require this kind of services. Whatever the problem you have or the stress you are going through, we will meet your requirements without making too much fuss. We work fast and deliver quality results

If the property is new, we take special care at the moment of performing the clearance. We leave the property ready for rental or sale. Our rates are not exaggerated, but low enough so you have an excellent work done without breaking the bank. We are proud to have one of the most competitive rates on the market. 

Glasgow city council phone number

You can contact us through this number XXXXXXX. We have a customer service team specialized in all types of cleansing services. We have a response to every of the following queries:

  • Junk removal: do we offer junk removal? Of course, we do. We don’t charge an extra fee for that. 
  • Carpet cleaning: do we clean carpets? We do, for sure. We clean carpets in offices and households.  We have special equipment to carry out this task. We give you back the carpets and rugs as soon as you need them. 
  • Tree cutting: if you have problematic trees, we have equipment and a group of experts that can provide a solution. 
  • Commercial premises: we offer our cleansing services to premises. We do not limit our services to homes only. 
  • Big jobs: no matter the size of the job, we will give you a free quote and start working. 
  • Are we a reputable Glasgow cleaning company?: Yes, we have many years of experience and the reviews speak for themselves. 

Glasgow city council financial services

We also offer financial services. Just call or contact us via email and tell us about your problem. We have specialists that can help you sort out financial issues. Our Glasgow city council services include:

  • Advice: not all financial problems are the same.
  • We guarantee benefits from taking advice. You will see good results quickly.
  • There are plenty of financial issues and we have advisory services to cover them all. Each financial problem is covered by a specific department. 
  • Our charging structure. Don’t worry. Our rates are low. We also offer a free quote. Our team will explain our charging structure and payment methods.
  • Financial issues may require a call back. Don’t fret. We have it covered. We will phone you back as soon as we plan a solution. 

Now, our helpdesk is not available for people who live out of Glasgow. We will not be able to help in the case you live out of Glasgow. 

Book a call back

To book a call back, we need you to fill out the form with your phone contact and requirements, so that we can call you back and discuss. 

We do not have a round-the-clock schedule. You can call us directly on XXXXXXX from 8 am to 6 pm. We are also open every single day, except holidays. 

If you have other types of issues that are not related to finances, we recommend that you browse our site carefully to know about our services. After you do that, you can contact us through our contact number or contact page where the form is displayed. Fill out the form and do not leave fields empty. 

Glasgow city council cleansing strike

We are being affected by the recent industrial action, which stops us from collecting bins across Glasgow. Anyway, we are working hard to get through the strike and catching up with the delays. As you may know, many of our cleansing services have been disrupted because of that. The strike can go on for weeks, but our services are scheduled to return to normal very soon.

The strike has caused the build-up of waste and the disruption of the services that have to do with the collection of purple bins. We are not collecting purple bins at this moment, as this service is suspended. We will let you know when the purple bin collection is back again. Purple bins collect general waste. We are working out this situation with recycling bins. 

Despite this, we keep on working and removing waste from public recycling points, although the collection may delay in some places. We are open as normal. The uplift will not start according to the normal schedule, but a little late, so be patient. Our website has detailed information about how to arrange the collections. We will also email you so you are informed about what to do and how long to wait.

Glasgow city council refuse collection

Whenever you see refuse collection crews, you should keep away from them. Be at least 2 meters away from them. It is a safety measure. Do so even if our team hasn’t collected your bins yet. Do not fall in despair. So far, brown, blue, and green bins are being collected, but the strike that prevents us from collecting the purple bins is unlikely to resume yet. We would advise householders not to present additional waste items at this time, as there is no guarantee they will be uplifted due to current capacity and resources.

Glasgow city council cleansing complaints

You have several ways to contact us in case of complaints. We are aware of the delay of some bin collections. We will respond promptly to do the uplifting of blue, green, and brown bins. In the event that you have a purple bin, contact us for more information. We do not know exactly when the bin collection will resume, but we can give you instructions to collect or dispose purple bin wastes. 

Glasgow city council cleaning services

Write to us Customer care team. You can also make your complaints on Facebook via private message. We always reply to comments and messages, especially if they are related to bin collection delays. 

If the problem gets worse, give us a phone call at +44 141 287 2000. Our address is 40 John Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom. There are lots of ways you can get in touch with us – the quickest and easiest way is through our website or social media channels.

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