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DSA carpet cleaning Glasgow provides services encompassing deep carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. Not only does the company offer these services in houses, but also in the commercial realm. We protect, clean, and leave your rugs like new. We have a team with many years of experience in domestic carpet cleaning, Commercial carpet cleaning, and rug cleaning. 

We use the best machines to fulfill our purpose. We utilize cleaners that do not stain rugs. Our team also shows you how to keep these items clean for a longer period of time, so you do not have to spend on cleaners or cleaning services very soon.

 Now, we don’t also serve homeowners but guest houses and businesses too. This means we specialize in all that is related to household cleaning. What locations are these services directed to? Glasgow City, Glasgow West-endGlasgow South, and Glasgow east-end. Household cleaning services are available around Glasgow at affordable prices. 

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why choose DSA carpet cleaner Glasgow

When you are looking for a cleaning service, you want a company that has enough experience in the cleaning field and low prices. DSA is a cleaning company in Glasgow that has held a solid reputation throughout the years.

We provide basic and specialized services. We cover the whole of the Glasgow area. Our website contains information about all the services we have and the type of customers we usually work for. DSA is a cleaning company that has a wide range of cleaning services for homes and businesses.

Our techniques aim to remove the blemishes that ruin the appearance of rugs and carpets. We know that spills and debris are two of the main issues that make carpets and rugs dirty and ugly, but we have a solution for them. 

Do you have pets? Pet hair becomes truly noticeable on rugs and carpets. Fortunately, our years of experience and training have allowed us to tackle all these problems. Our staff has the solution for the mess that pets make.

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Thanks to our expertise and cleaning machines, we exceed your expectations with top cleaning and restoration. We help you restore blemished stained rugs. Even if they have been stained for a long time, we use safe chemicals to remove all blemishes. Other than that, we retrieve the cleanliness of your carpet by removing all pet hair.

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Tailored Services

We understand that every carpet is unique, and we offer customized cleaning solutions to suit the specific needs of your carpets. Whether it’s deep cleaning, stain removal, or regular maintenance, we have you covered.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. We stand behind our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you are pleased with the results.


Sharon MulhollandSharon Mulholland
13:07 03 Sep 22
Great Job! Carpets look much cleaner and smelling fresh. Excellent customer service from start to finish. Would highly recommend 👍🏻
Leeann RooneyLeeann Rooney
17:09 02 Sep 22
Fiaz was very responsive, booked me in quickly and the day of the job he was punctual, very polite and professional and done an amazing job of my carpets. Will be recommending his business and using him in future.
Allison FergusonAllison Ferguson
10:39 19 Aug 22
I was giving this company’s name by word of mouth and so glad they did. Excellent quick service from enquiring till the job is done. My sofa and carpets are like new and feel and smell so fresh 😊 would highly recommend this company and will definitely be using them again
Ghulam AbbasGhulam Abbas
22:16 13 Aug 22
Excellent service and very professional people , After steam clean my carpet is like brand new. Highly recommended, Five stars
R D PanditR D Pandit
15:17 12 Aug 22
I couldn't have asked for more.. very professional and price is also reasonable. Overall a Good quality service. 10/10.

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Professional carpet cleaning services in Glasgow
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Service areas

We proudly extend our services to the surrounding neighborhoods of Glasgow, delivering pristine carpets and a fresh ambiance to homes and businesses alike. we are serving in Barrhead, Bishopbriggs, Cambuslang, Clydebank, Coatbridge, Dumbarton, Easterhouse, Giffnock, Kirkintilloch, Linwood, Milngavie, Renfrew and Stepps.

Frequently asked questions

How to find carpet cleaning services near me in Glasgow city?

Finding carpet cleaning services in Glashow is not difficult at all. Google is plenty of carpet cleaning businesses across Glashow you can find information about with a click. 

As you may know, websites or social networks like Linkedin are a great choice. Just type Carpet cleaning near me in Glasgow and you’ll get good results. It is not difficult but it can be tricky to find the best company among so many options. 

Google Businesses is a Google service that allows net users to spot all sorts of companies. Tap out carpet cleaning services near me in Glasgow and you will get a list of the highest-rated choices. The list contains the name of the cleaning companies, plus the address, contact number, location, and schedule. Google Business also allows contacting them via message. 

However, one of the best alternatives to search for carpet cleaning services continues to be Gumtree, which is a specialized directory that enables you to find both jobs and services. You can find us there, too!

How much does it cost to clean 2 rooms of carpet?

According to Bob vila, prices may vary, albeit not too much. Prices for cleaning 2 rooms of carpet can range from 50 to 150 USD. Prices can skyrocket if there are more than  2 rooms of carpet. 

Actually, prices differ from one another depending on certain factors. One room cleaning can cost from $25 to $75, but the price goes up if the room is too large or if it is full of accessories, which can disrupt cleaning. 

The carpet cleaning of two rooms can be as cheap as $50, however, some restrictions can be applied (you have to discuss this with the carpet cleaning company). We offer rates as low as 50 and 60 USD. We make an assessment of the room and the carpet and give you a quote. We have one of the lowest rates in the carpet cleaning field. 

Do we offer discounts? Yes, of course. Always check if they are available. We are quick to respond. 

Is it cheaper to clean the carpet or replace it?

The answer seems obvious but it is a fact that regular carpet cleaning will always help you save up to half the cost of carpet replacement. Experts recommend carpet maintenance to extend the life of the carpet fabric and delay carpet replacement, which may occur sooner with poor carpet maintenance. 

On the other hand, by cleaning the rugs and carpets frequently, you maintain the value of your home and make it always look cozy and free of dust. Poor carpet cleaning can cause allergies in the family and pets. So, consider cleaning your rugs and carpets on a regular basis to prevent carpet discoloration and damage and keep your home value high enough. 

What do we recommend? If you have a carpeted floor, we recommend carpet cleaning at least once a year. But if you have cleaned your carpets and they still look worn, we recommend carpet replacement. Calling a professional is, by far, the best option before making a decision.

What is the cheapest way to clean the carpet?

The cheapest way to clean carpets is by using DIY solutions and homemade detergents and chemicals that do not affect the environment or the carpets. As you may know, vinegar is as efficient as many of the expensive and hard-to-find solutions you can find in the supermarket. Vinegar is an ingredient that is never missing in the kitchen, plus it is easy to use, affordable,

Alternatively, use club soda if you are struggling with stains. Make a mixture and grab a brush and start cleaning softly. You will spend much less on carpet cleaning if you opt for one of these two solutions. Soda is great to remove blood stains or blemishes that are similar to them. 

To preserve carpet coloration, utilize non-dyed stain-removal detergents. Make sure the detergent you buy is not too hard on the carpet fabric. Use a soap that does not remove the original color or hues of the carpet and works amazingly when removing stains. 

To get better results, mix vinegar and soap. Just make sure the soap is non-toxic.

Is it worth it to clean your own carpet?

Yes, it is but only if your house is small and not difficult to clean, otherwise, you will have to clean your rugs and carpets with the aid of professional cleaners. It is likewise important to buy appropriate equipment for carpet cleaning. You shouldn’t pick up cheap equipment to perform these tasks. Sometimes, you don’t need a big tool to clean the carpets, but a small handheld piece of equipment that helps you remove stains and pet hair. 

Now, as for what experts recommend, it is advisable to clean the carpet regularly and deep-clean it at least once annually. Carpet cleaning should be more frequent if there are smokers or pets in the household. Houses that have pets or smokers living in them are more prone to germs, allergens, and pathogens. If spills are rare in your home, get a small cleaner to remove the stains when they come to happen.

Either case, carpets that are cleaned by professionals not only look better but are also more protected against allergens and mold. 

How much does it cost to clean an 8 by 10 carpet?

These carpets are generally more expensive to clean. While a normal carpet cleaning service is usually between 50 and 100 USD, an 8x10 carpet cleaning service can cost up to 370 USD. In fact, cleaning a carpet this size can be even 560 USD. It all depends on the type of fabric and stains that ruin the appearance of the accessory. If the carpet is cleaned with stain repellent, then the service will be more costly. Professionals can also leverage stain removal technology to get rid of the stains. 

The price per square foot costs from 2 to 7 USD. This fee is based on the material and cleaning method that is going to be used for the best results. Searching for information about 8x10 carpet maintenance, we can find prices that range from 150 USD to 600 USD, which means that the cost per square foot is much higher than when cleaning other types of carpets. But in general, expect to invest 330 USD in 8x10 carpet cleaning services. Also, all carpet cleaners will always charge by the square foot. 

Deep carpet cleaning can also make the carpet cleaning cost fluctuate a little more. 

How long does it take to carpet-clean 3 rooms?

Although this depends on the size of the room, the type of carpet, and the stains to remove, it takes around 30-40 minutes to complete the maintenance of a room. Cleaning 3 average size rooms can take you 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the cleaning equipment, technology, nature of the stains, and size of the room and carpet. 

Steamers are also used for removing any traces of dirt and debris from carpet surfaces. This is also included in the carpet cleaning services. If the carpet is too large, steaming it can take up to 20 minutes. This means that cleaning a carpet per room can take 30 minutes, which results in a 90-minute service if 3 rooms are cleaned. An hour is a time that an experienced professional usually takes to complete the carpet cleaning job. 

While mansions and very big properties are harder to clean with carpet cleaning services that take up to 3 days, cleaning 3 single rooms can take 90 minutes or 3 hours if the rooms are too cluttered or the stains are hard to remove. It can take us up to 2 hours to complete the job.

How much does it cost to wash a carpet?

Carpet washing can cost from 125 USD to 250 USD. This is the average cost of carpet cleaning for rooms that are neither large nor small. Something important you have to consider is that this service is never charged per hour but per square foot. We charge per square foot. Consequently, the larger the room, the pricier the service will be. 

Prices can be even higher if the rooms are chock-full of items, debris, and accessories or if it is a luxurious carpet. We’ll probably have to leverage other cleaning methods to attain the best results. 

We make use of cleaning technology to hasten carpet cleaning. We make use of a special brush that does not ruin the appearance of delicate-fabric rugs and carpets. If you require deep cleaning, be aware that we can also charge an extra fee per room. If the carpet is too large, the full job can take up to 2 hours and cost around 200 USD. 

Remember that this rate is subject to changes according to the type of fabric of the carpet, the equipment to use, and the size of the area to be cleaned and vacuumed (vacuum and steaming services are normally included in our full-pack carpet cleaning services. 

Now, we can offer discounts to homeowners with very small rooms. The cheapest carpet cleaning services can be around 40 or 50 USD. Ask us a question and we will answer your queries.

Is it cheaper to clean the carpet or replace it?

It is cheaper to clean the carpet only if you clean it on a regular basis. Regular carpet cleaning delays the deterioration of the carpet and prolongs its use for longer. The less frequently you clean the carpet, the more likely your carpet will wear rapidly. 

Now, if you are wondering how much you would save on replacement costs, the answer is interesting. You can save half the cost of a carpet replacement if you clean the carpet regularly. Clean the carpet once a week and call us to help you with the professional job at least once a year. In the end, this is what experts recommend regarding carpet maintenance. 

In the event that we detect that the rug or carpet is too worn or old, we will let you know the steps to take. Sometimes, carpet replacement is the best way to take. We will give you information about where to buy the new carpet according to your budget and needs. 

Is it worth cleaning the 20-year-old carpet?

Normally, a 20-year-old carpet is too old to be properly maintained like a 5-year or 10-year-old carpet. If this is your case, we recommend that you replace the carpet. Old carpets have generally gathered so much dust in their fabrics that it is almost impossible to clean them correctly, leading to allergies inside the home. Dust builds up underneath the mat even if it is well maintained. This can also cause bad odors. 

However, due to the costs that carpet replacement implies, we harness the best carpet cleaning technology to try to restore carpets that are 15 years or older. We will clean your old carpet carefully and with the latest methods to not damage it and remove any trace of dust. Carpet replacement can result in a very expensive investment you might not afford to make. 

Keep in mind that if your old carpet has never been professionally treated, it is less probable that we manage to restore it. It all depends on how good or worn the carpet is. 

Is it worth getting carpets cleaned professionally?

Certainly, it is a good decision to hire professionals for carpet restoration or carpet cleaning. We will use the latest techniques and equipment to help extend the lifespan of the carpet and rugs, even if they are old or haven’t been professionally cleaned for a long time. 

Professional cleaning has many benefits, among which are amazing smells and the eradication of bacteria, germs, and allergens that may be causing allergies or diseases in the home without your realizing it. We also combat mites, mold, beetles, and any other insect that sneaker underneath the carpet or amid the fabric fibers. We recommend deep carpet cleaning at least once a year to prevent the carpet from looking worn, deteriorated, or accumulating dust. 

On the other hand, professional cleaning is a good option if your home is prone to spills. Do you have children or pets? Then, your carpets are more prone to spills. Call us and we’ll get there with the best cleaning and stain-removal solutions. 

Should I clean my carpets myself or hire a professional?

You can clean your carpets by yourself with the aid of cleaning equipment, but professionals will always give you a better result. Professionals will always use better equipment than the tools you could use if they took on the carpet cleaning job on their own. Other than that, the procedures, systems, and processes are different and, by far, more efficient. 

Regarding time, technicians will clean your carpets much faster than you, even if you are skilled and versed in carpet cleaning. Our technicians leverage the latest technology not only to provide better results but also to finish the job faster and hassle-free. 

Although there are machines that are accurate in the cleaning process, our DSA technicians know more methods to protect and prolong the life of your carpets. Our technicians have equipment with the capacity to remove up to 80% of the stains that ruin the appearance of rugs and carpeted floors. 

Besides the cleaning equipment, we also make use of drying equipment that hastens the drying process of carpets after cleaning without causing damage.

How can I deep clean my carpet without a machine?

It is possible to clean one’s carpets without a machine or special equipment. The only thing you need is a cup of vinegar, baking soda, water, and lemon. You can clean your carpets without spending money on vacuum cleaners or stain-removal equipment. Use the ingredients you have in the kitchen to remove stains, and blood stains, and use a broom to dust the carpets. 

The life of a carpet is the fibers. Cleaning the fibers can extend the lifespan of carpets undoubtedly. We recommend brushing into the carpet fibers smoothly and softly to prevent damage. 

You might also probably need a spray bottle to sprinkle the mixture of water, vinegar, and lemon. If you don’t have a spray bottle, use a bristle brush and dip the bristles into the mixture you’ve created. While you can scrub the brush across the carpet surface, it is best to spray the liquid and then blot the stains with a piece of cloth softly. Table salt is also another ingredient you can use to blot stains from your carpets and rugs.