The room carpet is not fluffy anymore

The fluffiness of a rug is its beauty, but after a period of constant use, it reduces and the rug begins to feel hard underfoot. When this occurs, it may seem irredeemable, but this is not always the case.

There are many methods to make your rug fluffy again. These steps will not only dishevel your carpet but will also make it look like new; This process is by no means difficult and requires no special tools other than the ones you probably already own.

Carpet beaters are a tool used to clean carpets. This tool allows you to effectively remove dirt from the deep fibers of your carpet.

This method may be considered old-fashioned, but using a rug beater allows you to remove all the deep-seated dirt and debris that even the best vacuum cleaner with rotating brushes can only mimic the effect to a small extent.

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This can come in replacement of the carpet beater; You can attach a brush attachment to the vacuum for greater efficiency. Vacuum the rug thoroughly to remove loose dirt, pet hair, and dust.

You can take this process a step further by sprinkling baking soda all over the rug and letting it sit on the rug for at least fifteen minutes. The baking soda will penetrate the fibers, helping to lift embedded dirt and neutralize odors, giving the rug a deeper clean.

Carpet Rake

It looks a bit like a stiff-toothed comb that will revive your matted carpet. This item comes in two versions: a rug rake, which is best for high-pile carpets such as deep-pile carpets, and a rug brush, which is best for short-pile carpets.

The room carpet is not fluffy anymore

You can choose the most suitable rug variant and then run it through your rug. This should be done before vacuuming to loosen embedded dirt and after vacuuming to fluff up the carpet. Focus on areas that are matted or fluff the entire rug.