Rug Repair

Keeping rugs in a good condition is important. Rugs improve the home interior design. Many homeowners care for their carpets and rugs in the belief they help get good vibes. Whatever the reason, DSA Cleaning Company not only cleans and disinfects rugs but also repairs them, especially if they have deteriorated. We will enliven your rugs again.

Our COMPANY, DSA, has been serving the Glasgow area for around 10 years, cleaning many types of rugs, including those that are Oriental models. Our specialists have enough experience to ascertain what customers actually want and expect to get. Fill out the form that is on our website with your location, and we’ll be at your doorstep when least expected. We work every day. If you live in Glasgow, this is a chance for you to give your rugs a new life again.

As a rug repair company, we are committed to upholding the standards of quality by using the latest technology and techniques. We are always renovating our toolkit, and we’ll continue doing so for the years to come. DSA guarantees your rugs last for many years. Even if they have deteriorated, we will always make them look new. 

Sometimes, there is no need to use machines or chemicals. Whenever we use chemicals and machines, we use the safest technology possible not to damage the environment or discolor the rugs. We rarely use heat. We hand-clean every piece, so their vitality prevails. You CAN CHECK our reviews on the internet to have an idea about how we work and what techniques we use. Trust us!

We’ll send you a qualified team that will check and pick up your rugs and will bring them to the workshop quickly. Arrange an appointment and we will be there at a time that suits you. We are very fast to respond.  

We have been repairing rugs for a long time. We will arrive at your place in one hour approximately. 

Leather Cleaning

DSA Cleaning are a leather repair and cleaning company that cover all Glasgow South and other regions like Bearsden and Dumbarton. Our leather cleaning services are aimed at Milngavie, Paisley, and Greenock. Drop us a line if you are in one of these locations.

We are a company that comes to your home to perform leather cleaning tasks, although we can also restore leather items, rugs, and carpets. Additionally, we clean, disinfect, and repair leather couches. Do you need sofa restoration? Fill out the form on our site with your requirements and we will schedule our visit. 

We prioritize customer service above all, supplying top leather cleaning quality services. We work according to the customer’s needs, wants, and requirements. Our technicians have expertise in the use of chemicals and water-based detergents. We are always striving for excellence. Go through our reviews to get insights about your methodology, policies, and rates, which are among the most competitive on the market. 

These are some reasons why call us:

Professional cleaning and protection. We are professionals, although we can oftentimes harness some DIY methods and techniques for cleaning some curtains and leather accessories. We repair rips, tears, cuts, and scuffs on leather surfaces. Stain removal and drastic color loss restoration are also included in our pack of services. Don’t you know how deal with grease and chewing gum on leather items? Entrust this job to us. We’ll remove all stains and grease from leather surfaces. Did you use bleach on leather and end up discoloring it? We’ll provide an accurate solution.

We likewise have the best methods to repair burns and heat marks. We have machines, technology, and experience in burn removal and leather restoration. Are you looking for peeling color repair? We will be on it. Peeled color is one of the most common problems that people encounter with their leather accessories. Calm down, it is not an unsolvable problem.